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CN-102799867-A: 基于图像处理的仪表指针转角识别方法 patent, CN-102804171-A: 16-point Transform For Media Data Coding patent, CN-102805805-A: 一种治疗鼻炎的药物及其制备方法 patent, CN-102805828-A: Chinese medicinal pills for treating appendicitis patent, CN-102811340-A: Intelligent video monitoring system and method patent, CN-102813986-A: 轴向填充粘接式一次性采血针头自毁机构 patent, CN-102828817-A: 用于排气涡轮增压器的排气流控制元件的致动装置 patent, CN-102829965-A: 一种滚筒式采煤机双电机式截割部加载试验装置 patent, CN-102832251-A: Flexible semitransparent indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) thin film transistor patent, CN-102835051-A: 通信控制方法、移动台装置以及基站装置 patent, CN-102836277-A: Medicine composition for treating periodontal diseases as well as preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-102836297-A: Method for extracting rhizoma acori graminei volatile oil by microwaves patent, CN-102839113-A: Width-adjustable quick gel cutting device patent, CN-102843292-A: VPN (Virtual Private Network) data processing method and device of across-operator network patent, CN-102854220-A: Smog detection sensor patent, CN-102856316-A: Light emitting device package and light unit including the same patent, CN-102856399-A: 一种多吸收层纵向分布的非晶硅太阳能电池 patent, CN-102857122-A: 一种新型的整流模块 patent, CN-102857994-A: Methods and systems for channelizing network access of terminal patent, CN-102859322-A: 自适应的回转稳定器控制系统 patent, CN-102862958-A: Mg-based hydrogen storage material with metal oxide added and preparation method of Mg-based hydrogen storage material patent, CN-102865648-A: Cloud computing technology-based cloud air conditioner with cloud dehumidification function, and cloud dehumidification method thereof patent, CN-102867635-A: Ignition coil patent, CN-102872462-A: 一种盐酸氨溴索组合物及其制剂 patent, CN-102874209-A: Automatic height adjuster of safety belt patent, CN-102883632-A: High foot mobility shoe patent, CN-102888163-A: 一种圣诞玻璃饰品用水性涂料及其制备方法与应用 patent, CN-102888548-A: 一种氮化硅钒及其生产方法 patent, CN-102889395-A: Ultralow temperature upper-installed fixed ball valve patent, CN-102891787-A: 基于共享路径的环网隧道配置方法、业务切换方法及系统 patent, CN-102899875-A: Ironing table capable of using waste steam of iron patent, CN-102905547-A: Consumables and methods of production thereof patent, CN-102918732-A: Line protection systems patent, CN-102925621-A: 一种防止半钢炼钢转炉干法除尘系统泄爆的方法 patent, CN-102933077-A: 环丙烯组合物 patent, CN-102933638-A: 聚酰胺及聚酰胺组合物 patent, CN-102938829-A: 一种实时音视频流的预录实现方法 patent, CN-102943069-A: Co-immobilization glucose oxidase/catalase microspheres and application thereof in production of gluconic acid or gluconic salt patent, CN-102944992-A: Real-time clock timing device and method thereof in online monitoring of high-voltage line arrester patent, CN-102954118-A: Assembling method of bidirectional thrust angular contact ball bearing patent, CN-102954910-A: 防热涂层拉伸剪切强度测试模型及其制作方法 patent, CN-102964235-A: 一种用于甲酸钠的防结块剂 patent, CN-102964617-A: 用于生物分子固定的薄膜、制作方法及应用 patent, CN-102965855-A: Sewing machine pressing foot with cloth feeding sleeve body patent, CN-102976515-A: Method for simultaneously treating industrial pickling wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater and chemical industrial organic wastewater patent, CN-102978913-A: Thiol acrylic fiber material and synthesis method thereof patent, CN-102979294-A: Special tool for indoor roof patent, CN-102981845-A: Page elements processing method of browser and page elements processing device of browser patent, CN-102983776-A: 一种超声电机双pwm功率驱动拓扑结构 patent, CN-102984259-A: System for sharing feedback information of webpage patent, CN-102985108-A: 活的减毒的细小病毒 patent, CN-102985670-A: Method and device during the operation of a fuel injection system patent, CN-102986994-A: Processing method for bamboo leaf and juice healthy tea patent, CN-103014100-A: 一种重组人粒细胞刺激因子的纯化方法 patent, CN-103016821-A: Electronic expansion valve patent, CN-103019548-A: Computer peripheral device and method for controlling different window scroll bars patent, CN-103020290-A: 电网信息校验方法及系统 patent, CN-103021331-A: Pixel drive circuit, pixel drive method, pixel array substrate and pixel displaying device patent, CN-103023128-A: Power supply system for UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) server patent, CN-103024703-A: 计算机收发短信系统及方法 patent, CN-103025074-A: 一种改善pcb测试点接触可靠性的方法 patent, CN-103028438-A: 用于制备饱和醋酸酯的催化剂 patent, CN-103028496-A: 一种钼矿捕收剂的微乳化方法 patent, CN-103030833-A: Method for preparing dielectric substrate and metamaterial patent, CN-103034650-A: 一种数据处理系统和方法 patent, CN-103036229-A: 基于配电自动化平台的线损分析方法 patent, CN-103037354-A: Custom-made method, device and system for value added service patent, CN-103037589-A: Light-emitting diode (LED) constant current drive circuit and liquid crystal display television (LCD TV) patent, CN-103052648-A: Materials and method for suppressing inflamatory and neuropathic pain patent, CN-103059634-A: 二氧化钛二氧化硅复合氧化物粉体及其制备方法 patent, CN-103060413-A: Method for preparing collagen oligopeptide through mixed enzyme patent, CN-103061250-A: 一种桥梁液压速度锁定装置 patent, CN-103063045-A: Smoke-dust discharge device of medium frequency furnace patent, CN-103065198-A: Atmosphere fetor pollution fine source apportionment method patent, CN-103065925-A: Protection type energy-saving lamp tube and manufacture method thereof patent, CN-103066968-A: Level restorer used in transmission pipe selector patent, CN-103069778-A: Method for location patent, CN-103072901-A: 坡面吊设备 patent, CN-103077369-A: Man-machine interactive system taking clapping as marking action and identification method thereof patent, CN-103078969-A: Method and equipment for announcing media access control (MAC) address information patent, CN-103092411-A: 一种触摸屏及其制作方法、显示装置 patent, CN-103093804-A: 集成电路系统和存储系统 patent, CN-103102827-A: Starch binder patent, CN-103104510-A: 薄型风扇及其制造方法 patent, CN-103106842-A: 一种局部全息微孔防伪膜 patent, CN-103113179-A: Thermal coupling system and method for extractive distillation of normal hexane, isohexane and benzene patent, CN-103116153-A: Eight-unit uniform circular array antenna steering vector construction method in case of mast shielding patent, CN-103118758-A: Improved filtering device for the fuel pump of a vehicle patent, CN-103120040-A: 数据存储装置下方有气流的系统 patent, CN-103120936-A: Preparation method of Pd/C catalyst patent, CN-103121647-A: 一种吊车行走轮系提升装置及方法 patent, CN-103121895-A: Method for preparing monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons patent, CN-103123953-A: Electronic device comprising hall effect region with three contacts patent, CN-103129420-A: 倾斜装置 patent, CN-103131920-A: 一种羰合物v(co)6变质的高性能铝合金材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-103132138-A: Vapor phase epitaxy device patent, CN-103141930-A: Floating tobacco stem automatic guiding device for stem washing machine patent, CN-103142674-A: 一种滁菊浸膏粉的制备方法 patent, CN-103148489-A: Technology for processing abandoned oil base mud by coal water slurry suspension, fluidization and burning treatment patent, CN-103152839-A: System and method for quickly pairing industrial wireless communication equipment patent, patent, patent, patent, 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